Mudder Volunteer Program


Why Join Probably the Best Team on the Planet?

If you’re awesome at helping others conquer their challenges, then we want you to join our team as a Tough Mudder Volunteer. Our Volunteers are called Mudder MVPs (Mudder Most Valuable Players) because they are the driving force behind our team on event day.

As the premier obstacle course in the world, we have something for everyone who wants to volunteer, from being the first to greet thousands of Mudders, cheering them on as they jump into a dumpster full of ice, or putting those hard-earned headbands on Mudders as they cross the finish line. Whatever you do as a Mudder MVP, you’ll be at the heart of it all, creating life-changing experiences for everyone–including yourself.

Whether you’re joining the Mudder Volunteer Program to run a Tough Mudder with the Volunteer Discount or experience a Tough Mudder presented by Merrell first hand, support your favorite Mudders, learn new skills or meet new people, or to be a part of something exciting in your community, we’re excited to have you on the team. Whatever your motivation for becoming an MVP, we need our Volunteers to be tough, just like our participants. We start early and our days are busy (but fun). We need people who are up for the challenge, will follow through on their commitment, like working with others and are willing to jump right in.

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It was indescribable, a feeling that lifted me up for over a week.

San Diego Volunteer

Volunteer Perks

  • Discounted participant entry - run for only €20 or €40, depending on if you volunteered for half a day or a full day
  • Opportunity to support Mudders as they complete Probably the Toughest Event on the Planet®
  • Free Tough Mudder MVP T-shirt
  • One care package
  • Discounted camping (where available)
  • Free parking and free access to the event if you want to spectate


To join the team, MVPs must meet the following requirements:

  • Be 18 years of age or older. 16 and 17 year olds may volunteer with adult supervision and a parent or guardian must sign the Tough Mudder Volunteer Waiver
  • Ability to attend the entirety of your shift. Our MVPs play a critical role at our events. If you don’t show up, arrive late, leave early, or don’t understand your role it affects the event experience of thousands of Mudders
  • Ability to speak and understand German
Volunteer giving Mudders their orange headband Muddy Volunteer posing together Volunteer helping out Mudders Volunteer helping out Mudders
Volunteer smiling for the camera Volunteers handing out bananas Volunteer giving Mudder their numbers Volunteer giving Mudder their numbers

Volunteer Discounts Explained

If you volunteer at a Tough Mudder Event your discount options are receive either:

A discount code to purchase a ticket for a future event OR a reimbursement for a ticket purchased prior to volunteering.

The latter is a helpful perk for anyone wanting to participate on Saturday and volunteer on the Sunday of a two day event.

Discount Code: On completion of your volunteer shift you receive a Volunteer Discount Code to enable you to purchase your ticket to run. Your discount code is valid for two event seasons, can only be used once, and is collected at Volunteer HQ when you check out.

Reimbursement: If you run before your volunteer shift and have purchased your ticket prior to arriving on site, we will reimburse the cost of your ticket, minus the volunteer ticket price. Complete a reimbursement form and hand it in at Volunteer HQ when you check out. If you do not bring this form we are unable to verify and process your refund once the event has closed down.